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Tracy Hopkins

Founder | Lead Story Chaser

Throughout my career, my personal approach has been shaped by my fascination of human behavior, the extraordinary capacity of human connections, and the courageous journeys individuals embark upon to dig deep, lean in, and tap into their full potential.   My hope is to create platforms and opportunities that invite people to identify their own values in order to discover their purpose and meaning, acknowledge their authentic self, and become agents of change.  I hold a vested interest in the support and advocacy of individuals who fall within marginalized and vulnerable populations. What rests within my core is an insatiable passion for advocacy,  specifically but not limited to, empowerment for those who identify as women, multicultural awareness, and diversity/equity initiatives.  All of which have led, and continue to, propel me to facilitate workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and process groups centering on such issues. 

I am a lover of arts, specifically of musicals and poetry slams, given the incredible way it can take us out of our day-to-day routines and foster the wonders of unlimited possibilities through imagination and play.  My favorite personal interest would have to be my loved ones.  No matter the distance, age, or length of relationship, they continue to push me to grow, to think critically and challenge status quo, and to celebrate all the parts of me that make me who I am.

Tracy Hopkins: About Me
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