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 Elevating the way we Connect, Understand, & Invest in one another & ourselves

Our grass root efforts in revolutionizing the ways in which we Connect, Understand, and Invest in one another could not be made possible without the support of our Dandelion Sponsors. It is with their financial contributions that we are able to create the necessary platforms for the believed-to-be "divergent" stories that can keep us in isolation to be seen for what they are--"convergent" stories that unite us and highlight how we are reflected in one another.

Dandelion Sponsorship Levels
Dandelion Parachute Seed

The Radiator $1,250

Shine The Light

The Radiator represents the stage of the Dandelion where it releases and scatters its seeds and flies through the air; making its way to a new location to begin the process of regeneration! As the Radiator, your sponsorship is pivotal in casting this life changing net of new beginnings & serving as the conductor of pathways towards our quest for belonging. As the Radiator, your contributions will ignite the revolutionary act of collective rising.

The Developer $1,000

Pave The Way

The Developer represents the stage of maturation in a Dandelion where it begins to create their own seeds. As the Developer, your sponsorship paves the way for people to level up and step into their own light. This is the moment through which the Story Chasers become influencers who help others to think outside of the box and say YES to being the change agents they were meant to be.

Wild Flowers

The Manifestor $750

Cultivate The Emergence

The Manifestor represents the beautiful emergence of the Dandelion. As the Manifestor, what you help to cultivate is the space through which people learn to go from surviving to thriving. It is through the contributions of the Manifestor that individuals give themselves the permission they need to allow themselves to feel firmly planted in their sacred ground and feel empowered to show who they truly are -- and how the world will benefit from their emergence.

The Activator 

Spark The Growth

The Activator represents the point at which seedlings become ACTIVATED in the dandelion process. As the Activator, your contributions are responsible for creating that SPARK we need in order to experience the KNOWING of how we are bigger than what we have ever imagined. As the Activator, your support creates the KEY ignition people need to take the ultimate step in believing that what they have to share and offer the world is WORTH IT!

Watering Plants
Group Planting a Tree

The Planter $250

Open The Doorway

The Planter represents the beginning. This is the process of the dandelion seed being placed into any environment and breathing in the possibilities of WHAT COULD BE. As the Planter sponsor, you are helping to plant the seed of hope as individuals and collectives BEGIN their journey into their own rise. As the Planter, you will be responsible for spreading a level of joy we all crave as we dream of all the ways in which we will be able to connect as humans.

Interested in becoming a Dandelion Sponsor?  Click the link below to be a part of this revolutionary act of changing the way things have "always been done" and to building an inextricable bond committed to our collective rise.

Sunset Skies
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