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A Speaker Series designed to ELEVATE the way we


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Who is a Story Chaser
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The essence of a Story Chaser is someone who listens for more than the words that are being shared. Story Chasers are eager to know what lies beyond and/or behind what is being presented. They notice things such as the shift in energy, the change in people's tones, and the ways in which body language may alter at various points of engagement. While many people may be attuned to what is mentioned above, what cultivates a story chasre are the moments in which, when such "noticings" arise, we CHASE THE STORY!  We lean in with curiosity and speak aloud...the questions that come up and drive our desire to know more - to connect deeper - to understand better. 

When we allow our inner story chasers to come alive, we allow ourselves to walk alongside our storytellers onto a whole new path of unintended discoveries. We, the story chasers, get to learn things about someone that we may have never known, had we NOT CHASED THE STORY.  We believe, it is in the process of chasing that story where we gain the openings we need to begin our revolution:

  • See ourselves reflected in the stories that are being shared

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how we are not as different as we thought

  • Start to look for the stories that are missing and/or go dismissed

  • Create unbreakable bonds of personal investment in one another

In a world that bombards us with the ideals of what/who is deemed as good, what/who is to be valued, what/who is to be a part of your life, story chasing helps shed a bright light on the realities of experiences, thoughts and emotions that are not being amplified. As a story chaser, our curiosities invite people to amplify their voices, their stories, their thoughts, and more. All of which allows us the knowing that is needed to be empowered to step into who we truly are - who we were truly meant to be... In spite of how hard the world has tried to dim our lights through false narratives of who we ought to listen to, who we ought to love, and who we ought to be!

Story Chaser Firebrands @ Dare to Rise

Meet the wonderful humans who have been a part of the Revolution as Story Chaser Firebrands. They support a critical initiative of Dare To Rise™ in shifting the way we share our stories to elevate the ways in which we listen to shared stories. Story Chaser Firebrands serve as pathfinders who help create the necessary connections to belonging.  

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