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Awaken Your Inner Story Chaser

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What Is Chase The Story Revolution


A Speaker Series designed to ELEVATE the way we


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Who is a Story Chaser
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It's you | It's me | It's ALL of US

The essence of a Story Chaser transcends conventional listening. They are the seekers of the untold, diving beyond the surface of spoken words. Story Chasers possess a unique ability to detect the subtle shifts in energy, the nuances of tone, and the unspoken language of body expressions. Yet, what truly distinguishes a Story Chaser is the art of seizing these 'noticings' as opportunities to CHASE THE STORY!

With boundless curiosity, we lean into these moments, voicing the questions that ignite our desire to unravel deeper connections and gain a more profound understanding.

When we unleash our inner Story Chasers, we embark on a transformative journey that accompanies our storytellers. As Story Chasers, we unearth facets of others that remain concealed to the casual observer. It is in the act of pursuing these stories that we unlock the doors to a personal revolution:

We behold reflections of ourselves in the narratives shared.

We gain insight into the common threads that bind us, realizing our shared humanity.

We actively seek out stories that have been overlooked or dismissed.

We forge unbreakable bonds through deeply investing in one another's experiences.

In a world often consumed by predefined notions of goodness, worth, and inclusion, Story Chasing serves as a beacon, illuminating the real, yet underrepresented, narratives of our lives. As Story Chasers, our inquisitiveness encourages individuals to amplify their voices, share their stories, and express their thoughts, enabling us to embrace our true selves. Despite the world's relentless attempts to obscure our inner light with misleading narratives about who we should listen to, love, or become, Story Chasing gives way for the extraordinary within the ordinary to come to light. filling in the missing stories that go unheard, and allowing individuals to invest in one another and commit to collective rising.

Story Chaser Firebrands @ Dare to Rise

Meet the wonderful humans who have been a part of the Revolution as Story Chaser Firebrands. They support a critical initiative of Dare To Rise™ in shifting the way we share our stories to elevate the ways in which we listen to shared stories. Story Chaser Firebrands serve as pathfinders who help create the necessary connections to belonging.  

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Saturday, October21st
3rd Annual Chase the Story Revolution 
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