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Tracy Hopkins, MSW, CPDC

Founder | Lead Story Chaser

I am a transformational coach and organizational growth consultant at Dare to Rise™. As the founder and lead story chaser, I specialize in helping individuals thrive and organizations flourish through a foundational lens of inclusion and belonging. By actively listening and asking thought-provoking questions, I facilitate deep self-reflection and insight, enabling clients to gain clarity, foster self-awareness and empathy as they navigate personal and professional challenges, and drive personal and organizational growth. Guided by my passion for creating inclusive spaces, I work with individuals and organizations to cultivate a culture of belonging where voices are heard, honored, and celebrated.

I am also a story chaser, change agent, and an illuminator. Throughout my career, my personal approach has been shaped by the fascination of human behavior, the extraordinary capacity of human connections, and the pivotal journeys individuals embark upon to dig deep, lean in, and broaden their capacity for transformative change. I strive to create platforms and opportunities that invite people to elevate the ways in which we connect, engage, and invest in one another by shifting how we share our stories, how we listen, and how we understand the stories that are shared with us. My process guides others in identifying their values, purpose & meaning, uncovering what was in order to discover what could be, and becoming agents of transformation.

My work within the field of mental healthcare has expanded over 25 years.  The combination of my lived experiences, clinical education and training, coupled with the expansive roles held within outdoor education, high adventure programming, wilderness therapy, and residential treatment centers, have served as catalysts in becoming a story chaser.  By chasing the story, I firmly believe people form an undeniable investment and a deeper desire to move through the world as a collective.  As a story chaser, we begin to amplify the extradordinary that exists throughout our ordinary.

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