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What Is A Story Chaser

It's you...

It's me...

It's all of us...

You may just not know it yet.

Story Chaser is someone who leads with curiosity and sees the parts of the stories that are not necessarily verbalized yet communicated in other ways; ways in which a story chaser picks up on and reaches out with curious inquiries. A story chaser is filled with wonder about how someone got to where they are and the WHYs behind the story...the actions. A story chaser is someone who is paying attention to the subtleties of storytellers and working to understand who they are in order to open up unintended pathways to connection.

I first became a Story Chaser in my quest to be small and fall under the radar. I developed a knack for asking questions about other people and inviting people to share about themselves so that I did not have to talk about me, my life, and how I came to be the person I was as of that day. Quite frankly, I was too scared to be asked any of those questions because I had worked so hard to not know those aspects of my life so I became skilled in asking other people about them.

Somewhere along the way though, my questions changed. In my education of how so much of our communication is much more than the words which are spoken, I became insatiable in paying attention to gestures, body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. In paying attention to these, I noticed the unintended grand opening of connection with humans I would have not seen as people with whom I had much in common. And in doing so, I found myself creating some of the most sacred, unbreakable bonds with humans as I began to allow for ALL of their stories to settle and rest into my skin.

You know those "I wish I asked them that question" and/or "I wonder why they..." moments that you wish you had done something about? Well, THAT is the story chaser in you! You hold within you, such curiosities and yet something is getting in the way of you pushing forward and acting on your wonder. Allowing yourself to practice the art of story chasing not only creates formidable bonds with other human beings, it is the gateway for you to either continue or, for the first time ever, CHASE YOUR OWN STORY.

The thrill of chasing the story...

The thrill of becoming a story chaser...

This has been an incredibly eye opening, liberating, and most fulfilling transformation of my life.

My hope is that you will join me in tapping into YOUR inner Story Chaser...

What are you waiting for???

Tracy Hopkins

Story Chaser | Change Consultant

Dare 2 Rise

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Love this, Tracy!! You are amazing!

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