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Tai Kulenic, MPS, LCMHC, ATR-BC

Therapist | Story Chaser 

Soul proVisions by Tai

I have been asked to lead womxn back to their own hearts. We are all sacred, born with goodness and knowing. It is our birthright. Unfortunately, many of us have lost touch with that old-instinctual part that lives and breathes inside all of us. The good news is that it is never truly lost. That old-knowing part within us, your actual soul, can be buried, twisted and scarred, but it cannot be taken from you or removed. Ever.

I believe strongly on the importance of ritual and ceremony and conduct most of my sessions out in the wilderness instead of an office setting because our awareness of ourselves is deepened when we connect to the natural world. We will wander through the trees and remember what it means to find the sacred in the everyday and to live your life as ceremony. We will sit on a rock, at the water’s edge, and connect to the most sacred parts that want your attention.

Are you ready to begin calling back all your forgotten pieces that you have lost along the way? I want to change your idea about “therapy” and companion with you back to your own heart as you remember yourself home and gather the truth of who you really are. Let’s create a healing story together.


Tai Kulenic has been a licensed psychotherapist and Registered Board-Certified Art Therapist for almost 20 years. Her work has included spending two summers in Africa doing art therapy with ex-child soldiers, as well as working in Sri Lanka doing crisis intervention work immediately after the deadly 2004 Tsunami. What she has learned thus far is that one cannot find the answers to life outside of themselves. Tai is passionate about creating spaces that encourages others to brave their truth and be the alchemist of their own story.

Contact Tai to learn more about the following services she provides:

~ One on one Counseling Sessions ~

~ Individualized Soul proVisions Sessions ~

~ Uniquely curated group Soul proVisions Sessions ~

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