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Engage.  Empower.  Transform.

Dare to Rise 

"Your Life Purpose is to Use Your Own Personal Transformation to Help Transform Society. Once Mentored by Another, You Will Now Mentor Others."

~ Author Unknown

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Our Purpose

Our focus at Dare to Rise™ is to ENGAGE and EMPOWER people to TRANSFORM.


The team of Story Chasers within Dare to Rise™ is driven by an intrinsic commitment to facilitate the advancement of individuals and organizations along their path to flourishing. Our mission entails fostering individual and organizational commitment to dismantling obstacles that impede constructive transformation, sustained advancement, and the realization of one's utmost potential. Firmly grounded in a comprehensive framework of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging, we consistently apply a perspective informed by social justice across the spectrum of our endeavors.


At Dare to Rise™, we wholeheartedly embrace the incredible power of transformation as the driving force behind a revolution we aspire to ignite on a global scale. Our unwavering belief in this transformative journey fuels our passion to create inviting spaces for individuals and organizations to come together and engage in the art of pivotal conversations that spark profound growth. Our mission is to craft these opportunities, providing you with the chance to engage in a catalytic process that can reshape the trajectory of your endeavors.


Join us in this extraordinary opportunity of uncovering what was, skillfully navigating the intricate paths of organizational evolution, to discover the boundless possibilities of what could be. Together, we embark on a journey of strategic insights and transformative strategies, propelling your business towards unparalleled growth and success.

The path to rising incorporates three key components:  


  • The Story Chaser: COLLECTIVE RISING

  • The Revolution: RADICAL RISING

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The Revolution is in Your Rise

Group Meeting
Essence Rising

Practice the art of leading with curiosity and tune into your wonder through our Pivotal Conversations Series.

Enhance your abilities in cultivating inclusion and belonging with our customized Resource Groups.

Collective Rising

Cultivate your inner "Story Chaser" through our Story Chaser Speaker Series designed to elevate the way we connect, understand, and invest in each other & ourselves. 

Take a deep dive into the core of shared desires for genuine visibility and connection through our Collaborative Dialogues.

Meetup Event

The Revolution

Radical Rising

Lean into your rise through our Transformational Coaching Series & Organizational Growth Consulting.

Become a part of the REVOLUTION.

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Story Chasers @ Dare To Rise 

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Tracy Hopkins, MSW, CPDC

Organizational Growth Consultant
Certified Professional Coach

Story Chaser | Thought Seeker | Illuminator | Disruptor

Combining Clinical Social Work Education & Training with Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Coaching Education & Training to unleash your inner power and transform your future through growth and purpose.

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Chase the Story

Welcome to the Revolution

The Revolution is in Your RISE

D2R Radically Rising Clients
“If we communicate the vision behind our ideas, the purpose guiding our products, people will flock to us.”
- Adam Grant -
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D2R Dandelion Collaborators
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