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Engage.  Empower.  Transform.

Dare to Rise 

"Your Life Purpose is to Use Your Own Personal Transformation to Help Transform Society. Once Mentored by Another, You Will Now Mentor Others."

~ Author Unknown

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Our Purpose

Our focus at Dare to Rise™ is to ENGAGE and EMPOWER people to TRANSFORM.


The Change Agents within Dare to Rise™ are driven by the core desire to support people on their journey to thrive and enhance personal investment in dismantling barriers preventing them from positive change, continued growth/progress, and self actualization. We are are a firm deeply rooted in diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging framework and bring a social justice lens throughout our work.


At Dare to Rise™, we firmly believe that the act of transformation is the remarkable revolution we hope to inspire throughout the world. As such, we work to create opportunities for people to gather and practice the art of pivotal conversations, create platforms for unheard voices and stories to be heard, as well as emerge into who they are meant to be as they step into their light. 

The path to rising incorporates three key components:  

  • The Pivot: ENGAGE 

  • The Story Chaser: EMPOWER

  • The Revolution: TRANSFORM

Want to learn more about the inspiration behind the logo? Click Here to find out!

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The Revolution is in Your Rise

Group Meeting

The Pivot

Practice the art of leading with curiosity and tune into your wonder through our Pivotal Conversations Series


Cultivate your inner "Story Chaser" through our Story Chaser Speaker Series designed to elevate the way we connect, understand, and invest in each other & ourselves. 

Meetup Event

The Revolution

Lean into your rise through our Transformational Coaching Series & Organizational Growth Consulting.

Become a part of the REVOLUTION.

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Story Chasers @ Dare To Rise 

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Tracy Hopkins, MSW, CPDC

Transformational Coach 
Organizational Growth Consultant

Story Chaser | Thought Seeker | Illuminator | Disruptor

Combining Clinical Social Work Education & Training with Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Coaching Education & Training to unleash your inner power and transform your future through growth and purpose.

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Chase the Story

Welcome to the Revolution

The Revolution is in Your RISE

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